Big Fat Keto Lies Book
Marty Kendall

How keto myths are stalling your progress
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What's inside the book?
My new book clarifies the most common misconceptions and mistakes with low carb and 'ketogenic' diets through the lens of Nutritional Optimisation.

Keto Lie #1: ‘Optimal ketosis’ is a goal and more ketones are better
Keto Lie #2: You have to be ‘in ketosis’ to burn fat
Keto Lie #3: You should eat more fat to burn more fat
Keto Lie #4: Protein should be avoided because of gluconeogenesis
Keto Lie #5: Fat is a 'free food' because it doesn’t elicit an insulin response
Keto Lie #6: Food quality is not important, it’s all about insulin and avoiding carbs
Keto Lie #7: Fasting for longer is better
Keto Lie #8: Insulin toxicity is enemy #1
Keto Lie #9: Calories don’t count
Keto Lie #10: Stable blood sugars will lead to fat loss
Keto Lie #11: You should ‘eat fat to satiety’ to lose body fat
Keto Lie #12: If in doubt, keep calm and keto on
What experts are saying about Big Fat Keto Lies...
“Marty Kendall enjoys one of the highest vantage points in the entire nutritional landscape. Thanks to an open mind and a keen eye for seeing patterns in data, Marty has managed to entirely reverse engineer eating. In his book, ‘Big Fat Keto Lies’, Marty sifts through the quagmire of diet religion and deftly plucks all of the essential gems out of a huge pile of unhelpful dietary dogma.”

Ted Naiman, MD
"Marty, this book is brilliant! This is my message to the world also! 
You continue to inform people with honest and accurate information and self-experimentation. We are all learning together. Thank you for your contributions. 
Nutrient density is where it's at, and I agree entirely that each person needs to figure out their own carbohydrate tolerance."

Professor Mark Cucuzzella MD FAAFP
Professor West Virginia University School of Medicine
WVU Centre for Diabetes and Metabolic Health
"There are many myths and misconceptions on low carb and ketogenic diets. Learning how to do the diet correctly from the beginning will make a big difference, especially on your medium to long term results and health.

Keto can be a great tool to improve your health, but more so if done correctly from the start. In his book, Marty does an excellent job at reviewing, correcting and explaining in an easy to understand way, the most prevalent myths in the low carb/keto community."

Luis Villaseñor
Nutritionist, SFN
Ketogains Founder
"Big Fat Keto Lies is a must-read for anyone who has stalled on their path to health and optimal weight. Data-driven engineer Marty Kendall unpacks the common keto dietary conventions that typically cause people to fail in the long-term.

Marty, through easy to follow discussions, explains the often neglected but importance of focusing on dense foods to control appetite - beyond simply looking at macros and calories.
If optimizing your health and nutrition is your goal, you will not be disappointed."

Jeffry Gerber, MD
Family Physician, Denver's Diet Doctor
Denver Colorado, USA
"Every popular diet contains some truth and, as time goes on, ever greater outlandish, hyperbolic and inaccurate claims.

Marty Kendall does a superb job at dispelling the many myths of the keto diet that have grown up over the past few years but offers us a legitimate solution based upon tens of thousands of his analysis of many large data sets.

Big Fat Keto Lies is an essential read for anyone wanting to step out of all pop culture diet trends and embrace a truly agnostic form of nutrition for health."

Aimee Gallo
Vibrance Nutrition
Certified Nutritionist
Master's in Nutrition and Functional Medicine 
"If your goal is to healthfully lose body fat using the most up to date nutrition science and don't know where to start, I highly recommend Big Fat Keto Lies, by Marty Kendall.

As a Harvard-trained radiation oncologist, integrative oncologist and functional medicine practitioner, I have spent nearly two decades counseling patients on the importance of reducing body fat and insulin resistance. During this time, I have witnessed countless patients try unsuccessfully to lose weight or maintain their weight loss using the latest "weight loss diets" (including the popular ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting). Once you read Big Fat Keto Lies, you will understand why these approaches, often don't work.

Marty explains in a very approachable manner, the reasons why people are biologically programmed to fail on most weight-loss diets or calorie restriction. In Big Fat Keto Lies, you will also learn practical, effective, healthful and sustainable approaches to fat loss that are simple to understand and implement. I will be recommending this book for all of my patients who want to optimize their metabolic health, lose body fat and improve their anticancer biological terrain."

Dr Brian Lewenda, MD
Medical Director, Northwest Cancer Clinic;
National Director of Integrative Oncology and Cancer Survivorship,
GenesisCare, Kennewick, WA
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  • ​Digital Version Of Big Fat Keto Lies -  so you can finally separate myths from facts during your keto journey.
  • ​Educational Videos and commentary about each chapter when they get released
  • Interviews with experts around the topics in Big Fat Keto Lies
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